Angered customers of the Bibiani Royal Baptist Church Credit Union in the Western North Region, clad in red hand bands and attire, disrupted Sunday service by locking the church premises, demanding the release of their funds.

Grievances emerged among customers who expressed frustration over unsuccessful attempts to retrieve their locked-up funds, despite lodging official complaints with the police.

The escalation of the situation led them to barricade the church doors during the usual Sunday service, insisting on an immediate resolution to their financial troubles.

“Last year April, we heard that they had issues so we came to them and they confirmed but assured us they would pay us. They paid some of the customers but many of us have not been paid. We have waited for almost one year we have not heard anything from them. We went to their Pastor but the pastor said he doesn’t have a hand in the credit union that is why we are here to lock the church.”

The disruption of church services last Sunday highlighted the severity of the situation, underscoring the urgency for intervention.

It has been reported that the church leadership plans to convene with the aggrieved customers this week to address their grievances.

Source: Ghana/ Ansah