The Vice Chairman of the Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia Campaign, Nana Akomea says State Transport Company (STC) almost collapsed during the heat of the COVID-19 lock downs and border closures. 

Speaking on Starr Chat with Bola Ray, the Chief Executive Officer of the State Transport Company disclosed that the border closures during the covid by francophone countries reduced the revenue for STC.

He explained that STC is one of the largest carriers for about three major francophone countries and they all came to a halt as a result of border closures. 

“We all know the major constraint on the economy in 2020, your business suffered a lot. My business at the STC suffered a lot and we almost collapsed. Because you have to do social distancing on the buses for seven months. So a bus that will take 44 people you have to take 20.

“We didn’t lay anybody off, you couldn’t reduce salaries. So we lost a lot in that social distancing policy during COVID. But it was all to ensure that covid didn’t spread so you had social distance. A 44 seater bus had to take 20 for seven months,” Nana Akomea reiterated.

He continued: Then a third of our business comes with francophone countries, we have one of the largest carriers in the francophone countries particularly from Abidjan to Togo, Benin and to Ouagadougou. They have stable currency that is the reason we always talk about the importance of stable currency. That was about a third of our business and it stopped because the borders were closed for two years.” 

Source: Ghana/