OmniBSIC Bank marked another milestone with the successful conclusion of its 4th edition Health Walk, on Saturday, March 2, 2024, fostering a spirited atmosphere of community engagement and well-being in the process.

The event brought together a diverse group, exceeding previous participation with staff, customers, vendors, and esteemed guests including the bank’s full Board of Directors, the Chief Executive Officer of the Ghana Association of Banks, John Awuah, and Board Chair, Simeon Patrick Kyei.

The walk, the first for 2024, stretched across an impressive 12km route, beginning at the forecourt of the State House and going through the heart of Accra’s central business district. This extended distance not only challenged participants but also served as a powerful symbol of the bank’s commitment to pushing boundaries and achieving ambitious goals.

“We are incredibly proud of the turnout and the collective spirit displayed at this year’s event. Beyond offering exceptional financial services, OmniBSIC Bank is deeply committed to promoting health and wellness within our community and fostering strong, enduring relationships with all our stakeholders,” Managing Director, Daniel Asiedu remarked.

Mr. Asiedu further emphasized the event’s significance, stating, “The success of the Health Walk not only sets the bar for future events but also reflects our unwavering dedication to building upon last year’s triumphs, where we garnered numerous prestigious awards including Bank of the Year. We remain steadfast in our pursuit of becoming the best bank in Ghana.”

Sharing his perspective, Board Chair Simeon Patrick Kyei commended the participants, stating that completing the challenging walk together stands as a testament to the core values of resilience and perseverance that define OmniBSIC Bank. “The same spirit of determination will guide us as we navigate the future and solidify our position as a leading financial institution,” he said.

Beyond promoting physical well-being and fostering a collaborative environment, the Health Walk served as a platform for expressing gratitude. Mr. Asiedu concluded the event by extending sincere appreciation to all stakeholders, acknowledging their vital role in the bank’s success and reiterating OmniBSIC Bank’s unwavering commitment to exceeding expectations in 2024 and beyond.

OmniBSIC Bank

OmniBSIC Bank is a fully-fledged universal bank that traces its roots to a merger between the erstwhile OmniBank and Sahel Sahara Bank. The merger was spurned by the banking sector consolidation programme introduced by the Bank of Ghana (BOG) in 2017, through a number of directives including the increment of the minimum capital requirement almost fourfold.

The union between the banks is one of the most successful mergers in the financial services industry. It can be described as synergistic since both banks shared similarities in business models, values, and customer experience and were both committed to offering exceptional customer service in Ghana’s banking industry.

This milestone was achieved through the collaborative effort of shareholders, directors, management, and the staff who showed a willingness to embrace change to become bigger and better in the Banking industry.

OmniBSIC has reinforced its corporate governance structures and invested in its infrastructure to align with BOG’s Corporate Governance and other regulatory directives. The Bank is dedicated to maintaining the highest level of integrity, transparency, and accountability in all operations, thereby creating a reliable framework for clients to conduct their banking activities with us.

With our headquarters at Atlantic Tower, Airport City, and an extensive Branch network of 40 across Ghana, OmniBSIC provides a complete range of products, services, and digital offerings tailored to the needs of our Corporate, SME, and individual customers while supporting the communities in which we operate. In our commitment to creating excellent banking experiences for our customers every day, the Bank continues to invest in technology and employee development. All staff are thus carefully selected and developed through comprehensive training programmes.