Member of Parliament for Tamale South, Haruna Iddrisu has charged the rank and file of the opposition National Democratic Congress, (NDC) to shelf egos and embrace unity in order to secure victory in the December 7 general elections.

According to the immediate past minority leader, the party cannot afford to lose the elections given the level of mismanagement Ghanaians are witnessing from the NPP administration.

Speaking at the inauguration of the newly elected executives of the Canada branch of the party, Mr. Iddrisu cited Ghana’s high debt level which he says now stands at above 600 million cedis to buttress his point about the mismanagement of the Nana Addo administration.

“If there is any time in our country’s history that the NDC must lead and lead the country, the time is now. We cannot afford it. I repeat it, we cannot afford to lose the 2024 Presidential and Parliamentary elections…It’s to save our country from the decadence it is going through. In terms of management of the economy, you are talking of a government that in 2017 described President Mahama and the NDC debt which was only 120 billion (cedis) as colossal. Today the national debt has exceeded 600 billion (cedis) at least officially I have read 575 billion and a debt to GDP around 75%,” he stated.

The former minister for Employment and Labour Relations called for support for the party’s Presidential candidate John Dramani Mahama who he says has learnt good lessons from the past to now deliver better than he did in the past as president.

“Whatever it is, we must be united and we should be united. So post elections, whether the elections were held at the branch level or held at the constituency level or at the choice of Member of Parliament, we need to forgive each other and let go for the good of our country to re-elect John Dramani Mahama as President of the Republic of Ghana. At least he comes with one important thing; lessons learnt. He has been vice President, he’s been president, he’s been out of office and he’s observed them perform and perform poorly. The onerous responsibility is on him to do better, better than he did as president and better than they are doing today as a nonperforming party,” he assured.

Haruna Iddrisu further emphasized the need for party unity going into the elections.

He tasked the party hierarchy to work towards getting egos tamed. According to him, the issue of egos has the potential of threatening the victory of the party come December 7 regardless of the poor performance of the NPP.

“One of the important issues that we have not been able to resolve is egos. People think that their egos are bigger than the NDC and larger than the NDC’s quest for political power and victory. We need to manage this emotional problem and deal with it. It should not just be the fear of the NPP that should unite us because if we are not united then we are giving them an opportunity to rule. Opportunity to extend their mandate in power. That itself must bring us together but it should not just be left to the fear of the NPP but it should be their misrule and in wanting to save this country.”

Source: Ghana/ Alhassan