The Cocoa Farmers Cooperative Association has threatened to hold on to the sale of their cocoa beans to the government to press home their demand for better farm gate prices.

The Government through the Ghana Cocoa Board (COCOBOD) announced an increase for the Producer Price of cocoa by 58.26% from 1,308ghc to 2,070ghc per 64kg for the rest of the 2023/24 cocoa season.

In a press release issued by the Ghana Cocoa Board (COCOBOD), it explained that the decision arrived after the Government of Ghana, in consultation with stakeholders, reviewed the Producer Price of cocoa for the rest of the 2023/24 crop year.

“The Producer Price of cocoa has been increased by 58.26% from GH¢20,928 per tonne to GH¢33,120.00 per tonne for the rest of the 2023/24 cocoa season. This figure translates into GH¢2,070 per bag of 64 kg gross weight and takes effect from Friday, 5th April 2024.

“The increase in the producer price of cocoa has become necessary to enhance the income of cocoa farmers in line with the vision of the NPP government and in response to the rising prices of cocoa on the international market,” the statement added.

However, speaking on Morning Starr with Francis Abban, the President of the Cocoa Farmers’ Cooperative Association, Kwame Ansah Ofori expressed disgust over how officials of the COCOBOD are enjoying fat salaries while the cocoa farmer suffers.

“The officers at COCOBOD don’t care about the cocoa farmer, I dare say that.  You can imagine the Chief Executive of COCOBOD and his deputies and directors, their salary and income are so fantastic, so gargantuan. But we can’t complain.

“I think there should be some revolution that will look at holding on to our cocoa and not selling the cocoa to COCOBOD any longer or hold on for a long while then we negotiate for the price increase. Like how teachers go on strike, doctors go on strike then they meet their demands,” Mr. Ofori stated.

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