President of Christian Religious Think-Tank Transcessors Ministry, Rev. Prof Samuel Adu Gyamfi has called out Christian groupings including the Ghana Christian Council for what he calls their unfortunate liberal stance on the LGBTQ+ conversations in the country.

He insists the Christian Council needs to take advantage of Easter to repent from their neutral posturing towards the practice and its legislation and rather take a stance to speak truth to power.

Prof Adu Gyamfi disclosed he has been compelled to address the Christian Council directly because the church is also a fallible body which requires constant reminders to steer back on course.

Further highlighting the potential for religious leaders to stray from the teachings of Christ, Rev. Prof Adu Gyamfi emphasized the importance of taking a stand on important issues.

“The religious authorities may betray Christ in the guise of religious interests. In light of this discourse, no group should profess indifference or lack of stance on the matter.

“There is an indication that when unfit individuals hold positions of authority, issues arise. Just as Caiaphas was a dubious high priest. Therefore, if discussions in town are negative about the body of Christ, it implies there are questionable high priests in positions. We have questionable Bishops, Apostles and Evangelists in place”, he opined on Kumasi based TimeFM.

Addressing concerns about the Church’s stance on controversial topics, Rev. Prof Adu Gyamfi warned against compromising principles for personal gain. “It is disheartening to see leaders prioritize personal interests over the teachings of Christ,” he stated.

Rev Adu Gyamfi expressed concern cowards are being bred in the Kingdom because the message of Jesus has been confined due to hunger. They’re more comfortable staying abroad than in their own country, so they will compromise the truth of scripture, he noted.

He questioned, “For fear of denial of a VISA to go abroad, should we take neutral position? Poverty has stricken them that they can’t have faith in Christ.”

“The Lord that made Ghana also made America. If America accepts LGBT+ rights, as a man of God, you fear being denied a visa to seek greener pasture there because your leaders have led the nation astray,” Prof Adu Gyamfi averred.

Describing such persons who hide behind their personal gains while professing Christ he contended, “In the name of Christ they are eating, but they’re not for Christ.”

Rev Prof Samuel Adu Gyamfi called on the Christian Council to be truthful to the course of the death and resurrection of Christ in Easter, to beat a quick turnaround to the fearless proclamation of the truth of righteousness.

“I believe the body of Christ will repent this Easter, the Christian Council will repent this Easter. Nobody is perfect, but we serve a perfect God, and that’s the module we must aspire to, even in our state of imperfection”, he admonished.

Source: Ghana/ Owusu