“She is still in school, she does not live with the Gborbu Wulomo. We started the traditional marriage of Naa Yomo Ayemuade (12-year-old) to ward off other men. When she matures, we will have our final rites”.

The shrine Gborbu Wulomo at Nungua in the Greater Accra region has mounted a spirited defence against those calling for the arrest of the 63-year-old priest for marrying a minor.

The controversy surrounding the marriage held on Saturday, March 20, has stirred outrage, prompting calls for the prosecution of the traditional priest.

According to the Gborbu Wulomo temple, Naa Yomo Ayemuade has the sole role of attending to one of the 99 deities of the Ga-Adangbe group which requires a virgin hence the decision to publicly hold the marriage ceremony to ensure no man sexually stains her.

A spokesperson for the temple Nii Bortey Kofi Frankwa II told starrfm.com.gh that, the Gborbu Wulomo’s choice of 12-year-old Naa Yomo Ayemuade is a spiritual exercise which started 6 years ago and that she is expected to perform a role in the shrine which is reserved only for virgins.

He added, “Naa Yomo Ayemuade is a reincarnated woman who lived over 300 years ago and has returned to ensure that the sacred rituals of one of the deities which have not been performed for years can be done”.

What transpired during the traditional marriage ceremony?

Amidst the vibrant energy of an elaborate traditional marriage ceremony, a woman’s voice rang out, capturing the attention of all present.

In a viral video capturing the moment, she joyously proclaimed, “We have brought panties and beads for her waist and her neck. The old man also plays romance. The old man is setting the girl up as an instrument for enjoyment.” Her words, filled with excitement, amused the attendees, many of whom were adorned in traditional white attire.

Acting as the spokesperson for Wulomo at the event, the woman continued to regale the crowd with her spirited commentary.

She announced the presentation of kitchen items for Naa Yomo, the young bride-to-be, with a playful twist. “The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach,” she proclaimed, her words dripping with innuendo.

“If you want your husband to be happy, cook for him, and once he is satisfied, he will also satisfy you above and below.” The sexually laced humour elicited uproarious laughter from the gathered crowd, adding an unexpected element of amusement to the proceedings.

Responding to words used at the event Spokesperson for the temple Nii Bortey Kofi Frankwa II added that, Naa Yomo Ayemuade has gone through the ritual of taking her place as a queen started when she was just six years old, she has been allowed to go to school and that she will continue until she is mature enough to decide to have sexual relations with the Gborbu Wulomo.

“This is the third ritual she is going through which started six years ago. In fact, she is in school and we have ensured her mates and teachers are part of this journey”, he stressed.

He added that “until the fourth ritual is performed, the Wulomo will not have any sexual relations with her. He will have to wait until she is mature or she reaches the legal age of marriage and childbirth”.

Despite the shrine’s explanations, the controversy surrounding the marriage persists. Many within and beyond the community remain unconvinced by the justifications put forth, viewing the union as a violation of human rights.
Some social media users and gender activists argue that the emphasis on female virginity perpetuates harmful notions of female sexuality as something to be controlled and policed, while male sexuality is often normalized and even celebrated.

Source: Ghana/Starrfm.com.gh/103.5FM/Musah Lansah