In a bid to empower visually impaired students with essential ICT skills, Mr. Ben Essien, a level 300 student at the University of Cape Coast, has, in collaboration with the Association of Students with Special Needs, spearheaded a three-day ICT Skills Training for students with special needs.

The training, held from Thursday, 9th to Saturday, 11th May, 2024, aimed at equipping students with the necessary knowledge to navigate computers effectively and become proficient in basic computer skills.

Traditionally, visually impaired students have relied on the braille system for reading and writing.

However, the manual nature of braille poses challenges, particularly in time-bound assignments.

Recognizing the need to embrace technology, Mr. Ben Essien emphasized the importance of introducing ICT skills to visually impaired students, enabling them to type and navigate computers independently.

Opoku Anokye, a beneficiary of the initiative, expressed gratitude to the Ben Essien movement for their dedication to empowering persons with special needs. He lauded the initiative as a demonstration of pure love and commitment to supporting individuals with disabilities.

Another beneficiary highlighted the significance of the training, emphasizing her lack of basic IT knowledge prior to the sessions.

She expressed appreciation for learning essential skills such as word formatting and expressed eagerness to continue learning throughout the training.

Speaking on the initiative, Mr. Ben Essien reiterated the importance of equipping special needs students with essential IT skills to enhance their future prospects. He expressed gratitude to all participants for their enthusiasm and commitment to the training.

The ICT Skills Training Exercise signifies a step towards inclusivity and empowerment, showcasing the University of Cape Coast’s commitment to supporting students with special needs in their academic and professional endeavors.

Source: Ghana/