The National Chairman of the People’s National Convention (PNC) Chairman Bernard Mornah has accused the Electoral Commission of having a deal with the suspended General Secretary of the party Atik Mohammed,

The EC invited fifteen parties for an IPAC meeting on the compilation of new electoral register Wednesday.

Even though Mr. Mornah is the regular representative of the party at IPAC, the EC decided to send the invitation letter to the suspended secretary.

Mr Mornah who stormed the EC office during the meeting told the media “I am the chairman of the party. Assuming Atik was not even sacked, would Atik be representing when the chairman is there?

“So they went and the police did right by going to inform the electoral commission that the national chairman of the party is here and has raised objection to the fact that Atik is representing the party. And the electoral commission has said they coming it’s now over 15 minutes and they are coming to talk to me. To talk to me about what?”

He stressed: “Expel the person who has impersonated the party or you are telling me that you will now harbour the person. I’m saying that since when has Atik appeared at IPAC meeting before?. All of a sudden the electoral commission and Atik are in cahoots,” he fumed

He said Atik’s view does not represent the party.

“They should know that whatever they do, it is at their individual level, it has nothing to do with the PNC.”

Meanwhile, Atik Mohammed says the reaction of his party’s chairman to his invitation to the IPAC meeting is a non-starter since the chairman knows that his suspension was illegal.

He also described the boycott of the meeting by the NDC as disruptive.

The NDC declined attendance of the meeting over the directive by President Akufo-Addo on public gathering following  coronavirus outbreak.

The party wants the meeting to be suspended indefinitely in compliance with the directive of the president

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