A sensitive topic, media freedom that has generated a myriad of reactions over the past months in the country, took the center stage of discussions as media mogul and CEO of EIB Network Bola Ray engaged EU Ambassador to Ghana H.E Irchad Razaaly early in the week.

This comes in timely, as journalists across the world including media men in Ghana call on authorities to ensure that their job is executed without any form of censoring or threat to their lives.

It also includes the safety of journalists as notable killings of reporters like Jamal Khashoggi of Saudi Arabia, Ahmed Suale of Ghana, Kim Wall of Sweden, and Aljazeera journalist Shireen Abu Akleha amongst others have gone unpunished.

The duo (Bola & Razally) met at the EU Ambassador’s residence as they also discussed issues bothering on education, sustainable development, youth employment opportunities, climate change amongst others.

Taking to social media with a short video clip capturing the meeting, Bola wrote “the European Union has proven to be a strategic partner of importance for Ghana.”

“I had the honour of a great reception by the EU Ambassador to Ghana H.E. Irchad Razzzaly. Media freedom, education, sustainable development, youth employment opportunities, climate change took center stage in our discussion. The ambassador reiterated his support for a more sustainable development agenda for Ghana.”

The European Union is one of Ghana’s biggest trading partner and important export partner.

Boa Ray has in the past few years forged formidable diplomatic relationships, using his experience in the media and as a business mogul to contribute his quota to ensuring that Ghana gets a fair share of development in various sectors even as the world is quickly becoming a global village.

His moves has seen Ghana build and solidify relationships with the European Union, France, Italy, England, South Africa, Cuba, USA, the UAE, Canada, just to mention a few.

Bola Ray reiterated is commitment to fly high the flag of Ghana at any given opportunity even as many have called for national award in his name.