As the nation continues to battle with high cost of living, resulting from high cost of fuel, majority of Ghanaians are of the view that the twin global developments; covid-19 and the Russia-Ukraine war, have contributed significantly to the country’s economic woes.

The covid-19 pandemic, which devastated the world in 2020, leading to complete global shutdowns and various prolonged restrictions, as well as the war in Ukraine, have sparked economic meltdowns around the world, leading to unprecedented inflation and high cost of food.

A survey conducted by UK-based Info Assessment Research, that indeed, most Ghanaians believe the twin factors have wrecked havoc on the Ghanaian economy, just as other countries.

The research group sampled 254,749 Ghanaians nationwide, and out of this number, 52.2% responded that covid-19 and the Russia-Ukraine war have affected Ghana’s economy.

Interestingly, a significant 45.5% responded that they did not believe the two global factors have had any negative impact on the economy, while 2% said they were not sure.

The reserach also sampled views of Ghanaians on recent political developments on the Ghanaian economy, specifically speeches by President Nana Akufo-Addo and former President John Mahama.

Asked whether they inspired by the recent address by President Akufo-Addo, 47% of the respondents said yes, while a close 45 said no. 8% said they were not sure.

On whether they were inspired inspired by the recent address by former President Joh  Mahama on the economy, 35% said Yes and 37% said no.

The research reported that 28% responding that Mahama is not fit to give such speeches on the economy because they know his record on the economy when he was president.

On who they will vote for in 2024, between former President Mahama and Vice President Bawumia, 46% said they would voted for Bawumia, while 35% said they would vote for Mahama. 19% said they will not vote at all because both parties are the same.

The survey further found that 47% of Ghanaians don’t believe former President Mahama will be a better president if he is re-elected, while 36% believe he will be a better President. 17% said they were not sure, and expressed concern over corruption and scandals surrounding Mahama on cost of infrastructure, procurements and the air bus scandal.

On Vice President Bawumia being a better President, 51% said yes and 42% said no, with 17% unsure.

Source: Ghana/