Ghanaian UK-based boxer, Seth Gyimah, stage named Freezy MacBones has promised to give his Senegalese opponent Seydou Konate a showdown in their upcoming bout.

Freezy MacBones anticipates his upcoming fight promoted by Freezy McBones Promotions is going to be the biggest boxing event in the country and West Africa as a whole.

Freezy Macbones has called for a re-match against Senegalese boxer Seydou Konate whom he lost to during the Africa Olympic Qualifiers in Senegal on Saturday September 9, this year.

In an exclusive with EIB Network’s (GHOne TV/Starr FM) Sports presenter Monica Bukari, Freezy MacBones revealed he has purposed to make boxing an attractive sport for investors.

32-year-old Ghanaian UK-based boxer who previously competed in the United Kingdom from 2012 till he made up his mind to return to his country of birth, Ghana after he agreed to represent the nation at the Paris 2024.

Born Seth Gyimah, the boxer birthed his stage named Freezy Macbones during his high school days in Ghana.

Professional vs Amateur

The 33-year-old was among one of the 12 boxers who competed for Ghana at the 2024 Olympic Games qualifiers in Dakar Senegal but unfortunately he was eliminated after loosing to Senegalese boxer Seydou Konate in the round of 32 in the 80 kg division which ended in a unanimous 4-0 decision from the judges.

“I’m a Pro fighter (Professional boxer) and Seydou Konate is an Amateur fighter (ranked below a professional boxer), so from Pro fight going back to amateur fight there’s a whole lot going to happen. How the judges score the match is different from how we see it.

“I always say this, anywhere I go I say to them, I won the fight, I beat Konate, I gave him eight standing counts big shot. But the only thing is that, they took a point away from me and gave it to him,” he explained.

Though defeated, the likened boxer by Floyd Money MayWeather believes he is desirous to seek revenge against Konate.

Fair fight

With this vision in mind, the boxer through his team Freezy Macbones Promotions are arranging for yet another bout, this time on home soil.

“I will bring him home, I will invite you, I talked to his team that I need Konate in Ghana, we are Macbones Promotions, we want to make it official, fair fight and everything because I believe I can beat you and he said No I believe I can beat you too, i said okay, then let’s make it happen .”

The UK-Mike Tyson as he is also called back in the United Kingdom disclosed, he has purposed to follow in the footsteps of legendary Prof. Azumah Nelson.

“We have so many young talented in Ghana, but they need a little bit push, they need opportunity, we need to support them to let their dreams become reality.

“We can do our own thing in Africa, when I’m in UK and I want to fight, I can make more money than I do it here, it’s obvious right, but why should I do that.

“I just want my people, the young boys here, the most talented young fighters, I want them to reach out to their dreams,” he explained.

Ahead of the much anticipated bout, which is 23rd December 2023 Freezy Macbones had this message for Seydou Konate.

“This is my message for Konate, you know how it goes baby, you got on lucky in the first round, no problem, now you are coming to my country, my city.

“Let’s get it, December 23, enjoy your stay, enjoy your beautiful hotel, Macbones Promotions you are going down, let’s go.”

The night will have some under card boxers thrilling the audience as well as some top notch Ghanaian musicians.

Come the December night 23, 2023, at the Bukom Square Arena, Freezy Macbones will take on Senegalese boxer Seydou Konate in a heat that no one would want to miss.
Time is 6pm sharp.

Source: Ghana/ Bukari